A New Stereotype

We’ve all heard it some time in our lives “she (or he) is the fun parent“.  It usually leaves an impression that they aren’t doing their parental duties, or maybe they’re too busy being a friend to their children than a parent.  These are the labels that the “fun parent” carries with them.

About a year ago, I found myself welcomed into one of the most painful brotherhoods for a loving dad .. “divorced fatherhood”.  Being a parent when married is completely different than being one when you’re single.  When you’re married, both parents tend to complement one another and balance is found in some way.  When divorced with kids, you start off with everybody saying that you shouldn’t be the “fun parent” and all the while trying your best to fill the needs to children (and yours as well).  The kids need a “real parent”, right?

Fast forward to current time, I’ve learned many things along the way.  The most important thing is that you can actually instill generational values, teach boundaries, get homework done, shop for clothes, cook dinner, and have FUN doing it.  Whether finding ways to teach kids a lesson in keeping calm, founding new traditions, or turning vacations into fun, educational getaways, there is fun to be had everywhere .. both in fun activities, but also in the parenting itself.

I’m starting this blog as a way to share those ideas, tips, review products/activities/places, and have fun with it.  My story is personal with probably some unique and shared circumstances.  Regardless, this site is for you if you believe parenting should be fun, and want to embrace a new stereotype for “the fun parent”.

There will be many posts to come.  Also, please follow on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have content you’d like to add, reach out to me to become a writer for the site.

Thank you and have fun parenting!

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